The "Bullets & numbering" section of InDesign paragraph styles lets you create "Lists" and give them a name and properties around how and when they restart numbering.

Once a "list" is created, how do I see its properties, or edit it, or delete it? How do I manage this list of lists? All I can find is an option to create lists and choose them, nothing to edit them or delete them. (CS6)

enter image description here

By "Properties" I mean the three properties defined when you create the list in this dialogue above:

  1. List Name
  2. Is "Continue...stories" ticked yes/no
  3. Is "Continue...book" ticked yes/no

Lists do not have properties, they group things together. You can pick lists for that reason in the paragraph styles. And you Customize the appearance of a numbered list

Lists themselves can be found here: Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Define Lists

Tutorial: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/how-to/create-bulleted-numbered-lists.html

Help: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/bullets-numbering.html

  • By "Properties" I mean a) list name b) is "Continue...stories" ticked yes/no c) is "Continue...book" ticked yes/no - the three things you set on creating a list, visible in the screenshot – user56reinstatemonica8 Jul 7 '15 at 11:03
  • Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists – KMSTR Jul 7 '15 at 11:07
  • Great, Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Define Lists answers the question, thanks - why not put that as your answer? – user56reinstatemonica8 Jul 7 '15 at 12:23
  • Done. The exact location I didn't know either, but I knew they documented it well. Adobe actually has a rather good help site. – KMSTR Jul 7 '15 at 12:28

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