I am making a visiting card in corel draw X7. I want to change the color of the underline of a word but when I do it the color of the whole text changes too. Please tell me how to change the color of underline without changing the color of text itself.


I would draw a new thin rectangle and put under the text you would like to underline. You can then group the 2 objects to keep together.

Too bad it isn't as easy as CSS.

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  • So tempted to downvote you for that last sentence. I loathe CSS :P – Ryan Jul 7 '15 at 14:49
  • @Ryan that's a shame, CSS is awesome! Usually it is easier to design in any design program but for this it would be so much more simple if you could just do a bottom-border character style. – AndrewH Jul 7 '15 at 15:01
  • Is there any direct method to select the underline and fill the color directly? – JATT Jul 7 '15 at 15:42
  • By the way what is CSS? – JATT Jul 7 '15 at 15:44
  • @JATT The method I used is using a new line (object) entirely (Not using the underline text). My method would make it easy to keep text in-tact and change the underline color. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet, it is used to format HTML. – AndrewH Jul 7 '15 at 17:01

After adding underline, convert the text to vector curve the select only the underline and assign any color you want.

The drawback is if you want to change the text, you have to delete it, rewrite the new text and do these again.

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  • I've converted the text into vector curve but I am still unable to select the underline only. The whole text with the underline is getting selected. – JATT Jul 7 '15 at 15:41
  • @JATT I am not familiar with corel draw X7 but after you convert the text to vector curve, you might have to ungroup the 2. – AndrewH Jul 7 '15 at 17:02

My suggestion would be this:

  1. Add text without underline
  2. Adjust text to correct size, font, and color
  3. Use the Pen tool to create a straight stroke
  4. Adjust the fill of the stroke to the color desired for the underline
  5. Place the new line under the text field

You now should only have to copy and paste the stroke under each word that needs it. This seems like a ton of work, but for a custom look sometimes the extra steps can pay off. Hope the best.

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