I'm trying to photoshop an image onto a book cover for a mockup, but am a bit confused about the best way to do this?

I'm using the 'Perspective' warp tool, but I'm finding it hard to:

  1. Set the perspective exactly correct
  2. Keep the image from being resized without respecting ratio

I seem to recall in the past being able to almost define a plane, throwing my image onto the plane and resizing/scaling it accordingly, whereas perspective warp confuses me because you aren't defining the plane of the object you want to map onto, but rather the object you want to map itself.

For example: Start

Setting perspective layout Set perspective

Warping Manually warping Warping

End End

Is there a better way to do this? I find it very finicky to know if the perspective is actually correct without a lot of fiddling, and also the aspect ratio of the image is definitely off

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Ah, I remembered what I was thinking of, the Vanishing Point tool.

Vanishing Point

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