I have recently started teaching (a non-graphic-design-related course) at uni, and was looking at buying a simple tablet to plug into the computer that controls the projector to use as a basic whiteboard as the actual whiteboard is on the other side of the room.

I was looking at the wacom intuos pen small, as i dont need very complicated functionality. My only question is whether it is plug-and-play with windows 7, or do i need to install drivers? I do not have administrator access to the computers at uni, so i am worried that i won't be able to use it.

I know that drivers exist, but i am hoping that they are used for the extended functionality of the tablet such as pressure sensitivity and the like, and that simple mouse-like operations might be possible with plug-and-play.

Is it possible to use the wacom intuos without the drivers at all? and if not, are there any similarly cheap graphics tablets that would work without installing drivers?

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Windows 7 comes with tablet drivers, yes. It works out of the box, if you dont want to be fancy and work over standard USB*. It does not work for any of the primary uses i use a tablet for, so I never use it, but as a pointer its fine (on a single monitor setup).

* so theres no guarantee a wireless tablet will work without drivers

PS: There is a catch 13, The tablet functionality of win 7 can be uninstalled. So a especially paranoid IT department might make this untrue. Test.

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