I need to create labels in Microsoft Word with two company logos.

I have created an image for the side of the label and thought I could watermark it, but it only appears in the middle of 1 label.

It has to be in word because another person is creating labels for there meeting.

How to add graphic into a label template in Word 2011?

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    Welcome to GD.SE! Can you please descibe a little bit better what your problem is? Is it word or is it how to create a label (what do you mean with that?). Perhaps you can show us an picture or screenshot? Add it to your question and delete the ! One with more reputation can activate it for you ...
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To Add 2 images on a label template, in all the label cases do the following:

1. Labels template

Go in the menu "Tools", and select "labels"

2. Include image in the address box { }

Click in the address box on top, and then press "Command + F9" (Control + F9).

You'll see 2 brace field {}

Include images in Microsoft Words

3. Type INCLUDEIMAGE and the path

Between the field braces {}, write INCLUDEIMAGE and then between quotes add the path of your image. No space needed.

It should look like this for Mac:


I'm not sure if you need the quotes for Windows

{INCLUDEIMAGE c:\xxxxx\xxxxx\xxxxxxxx\image-name.png}

For your second image, do the same thing.

They will be added next to each others unless they really don't fit.

Don't forget to check the box "Full page of the same label" and o select the kind of label you will print on the label section, by clicking the button "Options."

Press OK when you're done.

4. Update the page

Now you'll see your page is blank like this.

blank page labels

You need to update it. To do this, select all (use Command +A, or Control+A), and then press F9.

All your little labels should get updated with the 2 images.

2 logo per labels Microsoft words

Quick trick to get file path of the image

Simply drag that image in your browser window, and copy the path in the address bar!

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