I am planning to use Literata font for my marketplace item, but i don't know the license from this font.

I have tried to find, but not yet found word "license" in this link

Anyone can give me reference about the license from Literata font?


Literata was commissioned from Type Together, a font foundry. I don't find license information in their official statements, but there isn't actually a place where you can buy / download it, so nowhere to put the license either.

It is definitely not a libre font. And I don't think you have access to a copy, unless you unpack the apk and take it from there - so not a legal access at least.

In short: Right now, no use of the font (outside of Google Play Books) is allowed.

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In the mean time, Literata was released with the OFL license.

When using it, make sure to only use a copy from that Github with the license and not some old font files which could have a different license.

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