I'm producing an EPUB with Adobe InDesign.

Most of the fonts I'm using have Italic and Bold versions. I simply select the correct font in InDesign, and it is set up as a @font-face in the CSS when I export to EPUB. So that works fine.

However, I have one font that I need to make Italic, but there is no Italic version of that font. In normal CSS, I could simply say font-style:italic and be done with it. But there is no way to set that in InDesign, since it operates with fonts normally. I can apply a skew to the letters, but I don't think that would translate how I'd like into CSS.

Is there a way to set a character style in InDesign so that it will use my font, but set font-style:italic in the resultant CSS?

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    Not that I know of! Like you said, I normally just do approx. 11º skew depending on the font. I'll be interested to see if there is a better workaround. Good question @MattMc! – acook712 Sep 3 '15 at 13:33

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