I am new in Photoshop CS6. I have a sample picture and i want to draw a picture same like this

enter image description here I dont know how many tools are used to draw this. Please suggest me which tools are used to draw like this image?

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    It likely wasn't drawn in Photoshop but in a vector illustration program such as Adobe Illustrator. You could do his in Photoshop but it'd be much easier in Illustrator. As to 'what tools' that's simply too broad of a question. Lots of tools were likely used. – DA01 Aug 27 '15 at 5:57

I was going to write this as a comment, but it got a bit too long. This is something that I'm always thinking when I see questions like this. Don't ask broad questions like this. Analyze the image and divide it into smaller tasks/questions.

Rather than start with: "How can I make this {complex-example}?", start by breaking it down into specifics.

Breaking it down:

  • There are 7 photos forming a circle.
  • They are divided by 7 lines or each photo object has a gap inbetween
  • To be efficient, I could probably:
    • Make a circle shape...
    • Cut a hole in the middle to create a ring shape
    • Divide that into 7 shapes using 7 lines.
  • At this point I would need to place the photos within each shape.
  • Once that is done, I need to make a curving arrow.
  • Now I need to write a curved text on top of that that arrow.

This way you got it divided into small tasks and searchable chunks:

Note that I'm using keywords, rather than full sentences, not that it matters much. Google knows either way.

  • For making the ring: "Illustrator shape cut out"
  • Dividing the ring into 7 shapes: "Illustrator divide shape" or "Illustrator cut shape with stroke"
  • Placing the photos into the shapes: "Illustrator place photo inside shape"
  • Creating a curved arrow: "Illustrator curved arrow"
  • Curved text on top of the arrow: "Illustrator curve text"

You don't need to analyze the whole image immediately. You can start with the basics. Drill deep enough to get a starting point and then work your way forward from that. Each time you find yourself stuck, google the problem.

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