Suppose I have a grayscale image and I want to translate the image into a black and white image (bw-image) in the following way:

  • white color = no black dots in the bw-image
  • ...in between....
  • black color = very high black dot density

Is that understandable? Is there a program, preferably open-source, that is able to achieve this task?



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If I understand correctly, you want to generate a halftone image like this: halftone

If so, there are a number of applications and plugins that you can use.

  • It can be done in Photoshop, using either the built in Filter > Pixelate > Color Halftone or through changing the image mode to bitmap and using a halftone screen.
  • It can be done in illustrator with the color halftone filter or with the Phantasm plugin (paid)
  • The rasterbator allows you to convert an image to halftone online
  • GIMP can create halftones using the Newsprint filter
  • Inkscape can also create haltone effects using the tiled clones function.

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