enter image description hereHey all. So I'm creating a design in Illustrator. I want all of the shapes to have an even outline, but no stoke. In order to accomplish this I add the stroke and outline the strokes. Afterwards I divide all of the shapes in order to delete any overlapping shapes to create a clean gap in between all of my shapes. Is there an easier way to do this? The end result looks good, but I have to delete a lot of extra shapes in order to keep the design 1-color.

Thanks in advance.


This is going off the assumption that all of the strokes (That you want to delete) are the same color.

You will first want to expand all of the shapes Object -> Expand.

You will have to use the pathfinder options to separate the different shapes. Select all of the shapes and use the Divide option in the pathfinder window (Maybe someone knows a none destructive way to separate the stroke and fill).

Use the Direct Select Tool to select the white stroke.

Go to Select -> Same -> Fill Color, you may now delete all of the strokes.


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