I sometimes rasterize vector designs (at a very very high DPI, so no effect is had on the clarity, but file size suffers) in order to take them into Photoshop and apply a myriad of composite color adjustments such as color balance, curve, levels, hue, etc.

I was told (in a comment on this site) that this can be done without rasterizing my design, but I haven't seen any way to apply such alterations in InDesign, which is where I do most of my vector design. I have InDesign and Illustrator available - How does one apply color alterations to vector with one of these tools?


Its possible to have these tools atleast in illustrator.

  • Color balance can be found in illustrator under Edit → Edit Color → Color balance, from the same menu you can also desaturate the image etc...

  • Astute graphics has a plugin suite called phantasm that has all the rest of this functionality.

There's really no reason why shuch tools couldn't exist in InDesign.

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