I want to merge two or more images (screenshots from mobile phones) easy and fast. The purpose is to obtain a long image, similar to this one.

What software can I use? I know I can do this in Adobe Photoshop but it's time consuming.


It might not be as time-consuming using Photoshop as you think. You can somewhat automate this using the built-in Photomerge tool. For demonstration purposes, I've created a conversation that totally didn't happen using fakephonetext.com.

fake text conversation

You should first crop out the bits of UI that are repeated in each image, so going along with the example all of the images should look like this. Save each image as a separate file.

Then use File > Automate > Photomerge... and select Auto for the Layout and Browse for your source files. Hit OK and the magic should work as long as there's enough overlap in each image for Photoshop to detect.

Here's the result, you can add the UI bits back in if needed. If you'd like to give this a spin with my cropped example images, you can download them here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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The most effective tools on the web seem to be these two:


  • Advantages: free, easy to use, fast, lightweight.
  • Downsides: not very accurate (if you want to overlay sections of images, you can't do it).


  • Advantages: free, accurate, effective.
  • Downsides: not easy to use, not very user friendly, maximum image height is 2000px.

    On your case I would recommend the second one since you already have some experience with PS I think you will find QuickPictureTool easy to master.

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    • Thanks for your answer, but it's more easier for me do to how JohnB said. :) Sep 16 '15 at 17:22

    You can do it by command line using the -tile option of the montage command from ImageMagick. See this page for details and examples.

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