I have 4 artboards as shown below enter image description here

I would like to save just first image in separate SVG file. I do select image and save as SVG. I got images from first and second artborads overlaped. First image is trace of second, pixel one.

enter image description here

Why AI saves first and second artboards? Why they are overlaped? How to save just selected image?

And why I can't post SVG images in this article?

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The SVG format is actually readable in code form, so a neat trick you could use is:

  • copy your object in Illustrator (Ctrl + C)
  • open any text editor (e.g. notepad)
  • paste (Ctrl + V)
  • save the result (you should see the SVG code) as a .txt file.
  • rename the file into a .svg format. This file can now be opened in Illustrator (or other vector software).

You can use the slice tool to overcome the lack of option to save each art board as a separate file.

Using this tool will will enable to Save for Web and devices where you will be able to select the setting of the svg export and after that in the save menu decide if you want to export:

  • all slices (even those created automatically by the software),
  • slices you have created manually
  • or just a single slice that you have selected either on the artboard or in the Save for Web and devices settings window.

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