I recently finished touching up my UI for my app, I was curious to hear some professional opinions. Is it too busy? I need to display a few things in tandem and this was my solution.

If anyone is curious, the fonts I used were Blogger San Medium and Lato Bold.

enter image description here


I don't think it looks to busy, no. But how does it look when it's filled with more content? How does the text look when it's too long for the field. Consider making a worst-case-mockup, not just a best-case.

The icon you are using for the active tab says "map" to me. But I think you mean "near", right? You should consider that people might expect a map when they press it. And fulfilling those expectations is very important to UX.

Are the Stars and feedback related? If so they should maybe be closer together.

The third icon next to the smileys also seems to use an active color. What do i deactivate when I press it?

Generally I get the impression that you have three competing rating systems: feedback, stars, smileys. Plus you can probably reply as well. So yes your UI is not cluttered, but the functions you are visually conveying are confusing a bit.

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Doesn't feel too busy to me at all. I think you've got a nice hierarchy of elements going on in the header, message area, and footer. My eye scanned everything really easily.

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  • Thanks! I've been working on this for so long, I'm glad I finally got it right. – James Chen Oct 4 '15 at 3:26

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