On windows, when exporting text (and more broadly any image) developed in illustrator to word, by dragging it from illustrator to word, there appears to be an issue with text size - the text from illustrator is much larger in font size than what it should be according to word. Attached below is an image to show what is occurring. The text above was drag and dropped into word from illustrator. The text below was typed on word. Both were set at size 12 (the text on top, set to size 12 on illustrator and the text at the bottom set to size 12 on word),

enter image description here

Is there a way to get illustrator to export to the correct size on word? Interestingly, this issue does not seem to occur on mac!

Also, I require the crisp vector image output supported by drag and drop (rather than a lossy png file) as I need to export the word file to PDF.

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    Overall, the problem with this while process is the use of Word. I would ultimately suggest that if you have the entire Creative Suite at your disposal, which I'm assuming with the use of Illustrator, it would be better to use InDesign for the page layout. Vectors "drag" properly into InDesign and, although it does actually "work" to drag art from Illustrator into Word, my best guess is that Word is converting it to it's own image type when placed. This is probably the root cause for things not looking the same between programs.
    – paulmz
    Oct 5 '15 at 22:09

I tried the method you are using and found that vector art, as opposed to text, transferred similar to actual typed text:

enter image description here

The top line being text typed into Word and the bottom line being a vector shape (text converted to outlines). Other than the kerning and color, they appear similar.


Drag and drop is a very easy shortcut to move things around but you also get the results based on the efforts you invested in that action. In general this means: poor results a lot of time and less control as well.

Illustrator is a high quality vector software while Word is a text processing software, they do totally different things.

MANY software do not support good conversion by drag and drop, especially when you use 2 different families of software (Adobe + Microsoft). And Mac has better drag and drop than Windows since forever.

For optimal results, you should simply save your vector as a file that Microsoft Word accepts, then import that image into your Word file (not drag and drop).

Try vectorizing (eg. do a create outline) your text first from Illustrator; it's probably normal the size changes since they manage the fonts differently.

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