I have a wordle file that was created on a website, saved, and sent to me in an EPS file. My question is, if I am running CorelDraw4 can I convert that EPS file to a CDR file?

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Just import the .eps file in CorelDraw and then save it as a .cdr file. It should be able to open it.


In addition to the other answers.

Sometimes you can achieve better results if you convert EPS to PDF at first, then import PDF in CorelDraw.


Corel 4 is an ancient almost prehistoric version. I am not sure if EPS support was available.

If you refer to X4 (Aka 14) yes, there are 2 methods.

1) Choose every format when using the File > Open comand.

2) Open a new document and import the EPS file.

Sometimes one method works better than the other.

When you save your file, you will be asked to save it a s cdr.

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