Using Adobe Fireworks CS6, if you want to use this image

enter image description here

but Instead of the balck color I want that the image use the #F1A340 color (close to orange)

How could I do this?. I try Adding FILTERS OF PHOTOSHOP / COLORS (solaping) , but the results are not good enough as you can see in the next image, because the number are less legible and the image isn´t as clear as the first one. Some white parts are in the close to orange image in #F1A340 color.

What is the rigth choice to do this change of color (black - #F1A340)

enter image description here

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Luckily, because your image is black and white you can use it as a mask.

  • Invert the image to make the lines white (Filters / Adjust Color / Invert)
  • Copy it.
  • Make a rectangle with the colour you want.
  • Click the Add Mask button in the Layers panel.
  • Paste the image in.

Now you can make the canvas the colour you want, and even add a drop shadow or other effect if you want to help the lines stand out.

Steps for using an image as a mask

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