I'm trying to get a result close to the one below in Illustrator, but I never end up with a satisfactory result.


I think this kind of logos was pretty popular some time ago, with vivid colors and maybe a result a little different.

Do someone could have a tutorial to achieve that ?

Thank you very much !

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    Can you show us your unsatisfactory results? It'd be helpful to see where you're getting stuck so we know specifically what to help improve.
    – JohnB
    Oct 12 '15 at 17:25

It seems like this logo is using overlapping 1-3 shapes per "location" with various blending modes (probably overlay and multiply are used). Also may be using opacity and/or transparency mask. It's hard to tell exactly what you should do just by looking - you should cycle between those blending modes individually per shape/s for every location.

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