If you look at this site, the designer(s) made use of a an effect similar to what a 3d film would look like without the 3d glasses (if your remember those days). How would I replicate this effect in Photoshop for a photo?

Image reference: Earth with glasses-less 3d-effect

  • Actually it is a 3D effect without the glasses.
    – Rafael
    Oct 17, 2015 at 15:40

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The 3D effect is called anaglyph 3D. Though in this case ist is just simply a color channel offset. So it might also be simulating a mis-registration (see this post).

What you do is you duplicate the artwork run a red filter on the other (multipy by red) offset that and then blue (actually for full color cyan) filter the other copy. If you want a real effect you will need 2 images.

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