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This is from a business card I wanted to digitize.

I have trouble identifying this font. Its properties are quite generic, so Identifont was not really useful. WhatTheFont also did not give any close results.

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    I know you say those websites didn't give you the correct results but perhaps you adjust your method. For example, searching specifically by a letter or two. In this case perhaps the letter "A" and "G", then go from there?
    – Javi
    Jan 22, 2016 at 23:03

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After searching for the business in the sample, I discovered that it's located in Clausthal, Germany. From here we can presumably narrow this down to a German typeface, more precisely of the Rotunda variety, to find a close match. The E, A, and G are most noticeably not an exact match, but you may be able to modify it as a vector shape in illustrator to fit the sample more closely:

enter image description here

Source: WhatFontIs.com

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