I'm trying to create a hair braid pattern on a circle and somehow can't seem to change the spacing between the shapes in the brush. I want to close the gaps. I'm working in Ai CS6.

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    Picture tells a thousand words here. – joojaa Oct 28 '15 at 11:35

Your question is a bit cryptic (you should make it better even if this answers your question). But here is by guess of what your asking:

Your trying to do a semless pattern brush but your experiencing that the pattern does not repeat properly. That is because the pattern is taken from the bounding box of your graphics.


Image 1: there is small but noticable gap where the patterns meet

While you would like to have no gap

no gap

Image 2: There is no visible gap where patterns meet.

You do this by placing a no stroke no fill rectangle behind your graphic before you make it into a pattern.

bounding box

Image 3: Make a non stroking non filling box behind to bound what gets drawn out of the pattern.

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