...and I need to convert to CMYK. How do I get the list of colors to convert? "Recolor artwork" and convert to CMYK under edit both do not work. Convert was greyed out and unavailable. Help!

  • Make certain the Document Color Mode is set to CMYK as well before doing any of this (File > Document Color Mode > CMYK color)

Select all....

Click the Create Color Group button at the bottom of the Swatch Panel

enter image description here

In the pop up dialog for the color group, make certain Convert Process to Global is checked.

enter image description here

You will then have swatches for all colors (but not for gradients or patterns).

To edit one of the colors, just double click the swatch and you can adjust the sliders. Ticking the Preview option will allow you to see color change in the artwork where that swatch is used.

  • I don't know why Convert to CMYK is not available to you. You've not posted any real details.
  • Recolor Artwork should also work fine. Again, you've left out details.
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Why do you need to convert to CMYK? You could view them in "recolor artwork" and see the values but you can also sample the colors and add them to your swatch. Or you just can change the document color mode to CMYK under the edit menu.

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