Someone wants to buy the rights to an image I created. The buyer is in Europe and I'm in the US. We settled on a price and now I need help determining which legal document I should use.

Are there any good, free legal documents available? Thanks in advance!

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    This sounds like something to ask a Lawyer
    – Ryan
    Oct 29 '15 at 18:43

You pretty much just need a 'contract' that you both agree too. In this case, it'd be something specific to the image. It would likely include:

  • what the buyer can do with the image license they are purchasing
  • what they can not do with the image
  • what rights they have with their license
  • what rights you reserve as the author
  • term (is there a time limit)

Make sure you get a signature.

As usual, "I'm not a lawyer..."

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