Please zoom in on the thumbnail.

That shadow or depth are from all 4 corners.

Forgive me I am a beginner with Photoshop and don't even know the name for that effect.

Any help would be great.

enter image description here


It's not shadow, nor depth. This effect is called vignette and can be achieved easily, if you open image, go to Filter > Lens Correction or press ctrl+shift+r, click to custom tab and alter sliders in Vignette field

enter image description here

  • I have just started web designing in photoshop would you or anyone know anyplace for tutorials and forums. I know we cant have debates here..Can someone point me in right direction... Thanks! – tushar bose Nov 3 '15 at 2:29

Choose a rounded rectangle marquee tool. keep feather to 60 to 80 px whichever suits your need ..... Draw the rectangle on the image leaving distance of 5-10 px approx more or less. Now press Ctrl + shift + i and fill the rectangle color with black or dark grey


First draw a dark grey or black rectangle on the image of same size . then Using the same feather options on rounded rectangle draw a rectangle leaving 5-10 px distance from all the sides. press delete and bingo.. U can adjust its opacity or try different blending options


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