I am looking for some information on lock screen icons in iOS. The icon type I am referring to is the small one in the lower left corner.

enter image description here

Also mentioned in this article: http://blog.estimote.com/post/97824495825/ios-8-pushes-location-context-to-a-new-level-lock

My two main questions are:

  1. Does anyone know what size this icon should be delivered at?
  2. Is this delivered as an independent icon or does iOS create this icon based on your home screen icon.

I have been looking online for information all morning and can't find any guidelines.

  • That icon isn't present on my iPhone... and never has been as far as I know.
    – Scott
    Nov 2 '15 at 16:46
  • 1
    Let me get out my microscope for that icon in the image... Feb 2 '16 at 4:14

I believe it's the same size icon that is used in settings and all other notification popups.

enter image description here

The dimensions for these icon are:

  • @3x = 87px x 87px
  • @2x = 58px x 58px
  • @1x = 29px x 29px

And as @Cai has stated above you can see these dimensions here, under the file names (Icon-Small.png, Icon-Small@2x.png, Icon-Small@3x.png).

You can also download a free template here: http://appicontemplate.com/ios8/

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I can't find any reference to which exact size icon is used, but it looks like one of the smaller app icons. You can find info on the different app icons you can supply with an app on the apple developer library here and here.

iOS should use the closest appropriate sized icon you supply, and if no smaller icon is available it will shrink the home screen icon as you said.

From the iOS Human Interface Guidelines:

iOS chooses an icon based on whether its size is appropriate for the intended usage


If you don’t provide these icons, iOS might shrink your app icon

You can read more about app icons on the iOS Human Interface Guidelines here and here.

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