I know I'm able to Cmd/Ctrl+T a layer in Photoshop CC and drag the layer and it will say how many pixels it's moved in a specific direction. But is there a way to just type the pixel distance into a directional moving area, similar to the behavior in Sketch?

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  • Be sure to have Window > Options ticked;
  • Select your layer;
  • Hit Cmd/ Ctrl+T ot choose Edit > Free Transform;
  • Enter your desired coordinates into the X and Y fields in the Option bar.

enter image description here

Note that you can enter the specific coordinates of the reference point, the highlighted square in the diagram to the far left. You can change the reference point by clicking one of the other 8 squares.

Also note that you can do basic math in these fields. So if you want to move the layer by, say, 80 pixels, you can just type +80 px after the existing value. You can even key in other measurements and Photoshop will convert, like 233px + 2". You can use +, -, * and / for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, respectively.

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