Edit: I am an amateur and it is my first time designing for printing! The printers are very unhelpful unfortunately and won't help me, but I have already paid the money, so I need to make sure I've not made a mistake. I would be very grateful if someone could have a quick glance over my workflow and offer any help/advice.

I am making a DVD sleeve and a booklet:

  • Background images and shapes are prepared in photoshop, CMYK (Profile is U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) V2, 300ppi)
  • Logo is prepared in Illustrator, (Profile is Coated FOGRA39)
  • PSD and AI files (background & logo) are placed in InDesign and main body text is added.
  • Barcode PDF is placed in Indesign.
  • Exported as PDF using 'Press Quality' preset plus 3mm bleed and crop marks with 3mm offset.
  • Acrobat lists the fonts as being embedded.

  • The booklet is exported in consecutive order with single pages. Page 1 being the front cover, and the last page being the back cover.

Is there anything I should have done differently or any checks I can do to ensure everything is ready for printing? I have attached the sleeve below. Many thanks!

(These are the queries which I have already addressed.)

  • No one is going to ensure that you did things right without seeing the file. – Rafael Nov 3 '15 at 22:02
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    Sounds pretty accurate, although I'd export as PDF/X-1a with marks not "press quality". And outline the type in the logo if it's not embedding. And I'm assuming the "booklet" has a page count divisible by 4, and the "PDF Barcode" is not scaled in any way. – Scott Nov 3 '15 at 22:17
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    Honestly I would outline all text to avoid any font issues – Aziz Nov 3 '15 at 23:08
  • I have updated my question with the DVD Sleeve available to download from my OneDrive. The booklet is 12 pages and the barcode is not scaled. What do you mean 'with marks not press quality'? Thank you very much for your responses! – the_watchkeeper Nov 3 '15 at 23:13
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's asking preflight work and is incomplete. Is it a critique or customer support or "I got paid for this, please-review-my-print-ready-file-service"? – go-junta Nov 4 '15 at 0:42