I have an oval shape, and want to have text on its right side. I selected both shape and text and clicked Text > Put on Path. The text appeared at the bottom of the shape and I moved it to the right by going to the beginning of the text and pressing Alt+Right.

Initially, it looks ok

After ~270 degrees, when I either hit Alt+Right or try to add spaces in front of the text, the text still moves but gets clipped.

Clipped -- why?

Why is that and how can I prevent this?

When I put the text on the left of the shape, it works fine. I can copy that, flip both horizontally and vertically, and drag it to its new place. That works, but certainly feels hackish.

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When text is put on path, the position of text starts from a point and starts to clip when you cross this point of reference.img 1

Here when you start tracking (Alt+ right arrow) and cross that point of reference it starts to clip because the entire space you added by tracking is a part of the sentence now. You can place your text on the right as you suggested or by flipping the text & the ellipse both horizontally & vertically once you apply text-put on path. Now apply tracking and the result is what you need. img2

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