I was wondering if it's possible to change my viewing in Illustrator to art-optimized supersampling, instead of the type-optimized anti-aliasing that is default.

I'm not talking about the exporting of a file and changing the option there. I'm talking about viewing and working on artwork IN Illustrator. I know there is an option in Preferences > General to switch anti-aliasing on or off, but no option to change the type of anti-aliasing.

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(No, there is no such option.)

Atleast as far as I can verify, the negative is very hard to prove. But this is hardly surprising as it would be much slower to work with.

Update to this question (17.07.2016)

It seems that I am wrong, you can indeed do this with a bit of fiddling. While it is not global you can still do the same thing by placing all your data inside a master layer (you can have layers in layers) that applies this effect. To do this:

  1. Select the layer that contains all your artwork (click circle next to layer name)
  2. Apply a rasterize effect with the art optimized aa option and 72 dpi resolution (for pixel preview)

As a bonus you could super sample some shapes while keeping for example text text optimized.

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