i've been having a hard time with Photoshop. i'm a student in a games and web design course and i can't do any work for them on my Photoshop for what it is doing. I use Photoshop elements 6.0

here's what it's doing, i'm using a pale colour (like #ffdcff) when i use it it turns into a hot pink colour (#ff05fc) it's not only pink it's any pale colour i use get turned into a loud colour.

how do i fix it?

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    Karina, please explain what you are doing when you are using the colour? Is it when you save a picture and you use in a webpage? Or is it while working with PS and you type in a colour value and i turns into a bright colour? – nodFlindors Dec 5 '15 at 19:53

I'm guessing that you are working with a file format such as gif or png that uses (or can use) a colour table and has less than 24 Bit colour depth. Check if you have RGB or CMYK checked under Image > Mode (Thats in Photoshop - don't know about PS Elements). Set to RGB or CMYK if it is set to Index.

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  • So Karina, any news? Did it work out for you? – nodFlindors Dec 8 '15 at 12:59

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