I am a web developer, for a current project I use the font the designer has asked to purchase (the company CI font), but in my opinion it looks hard to read. I want to argue why this is a good or bad font and what would be a better one, but could not find a ressource on the internet that evaluates fonts on their fitness for certain purposes. Do anybody know one?

I am looking for something like http://caniuse.com/ . A simple table that tells me if the font in question is good for headings, for long text, what feeling one can achieve with a certain font etc.


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There really is no 'bad' font. There are plenty of fonts, however, that are a bad choice in a lot of situations.

Point being, what makes a font good or bad has as much to do with how, where and why it's being used as much a it has to do with the font itself.

So, in a particular context, a font might be perfect, in another context, that same font, might be a poor choice.

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