I want to create a "tear" effect with regular triangular shapes to show I'm omitting part of the middle of a screenshot, something like:

Jagged triangular tear in solid black

When I search for tear effects all I find is realistic ripped paper edge effect. Anyone know terminology or Gimp instructions referring to this simpler geometric effect I'm looking for?

  • The technical term for that effect is indenture, but that isn't going to make searching easy, I'm afraid. (The first eleventy thousand results pages will be about semi-voluntary enslavement contracts, a surprisingly large number of which concern gimps.) You might have better luck with pinking (as in pinking shears, used to prevent fraying on cut fabric edges); several search results looked promising, but I don't know whether or not they'd meet your needs. – Stan Rogers Dec 11 '15 at 2:52

It's called a sawtooth pattern. You can make it by rotating a square 45 degrees then making a pattern out of that:

How to create a "zig zagged, jagged" effect with Photoshop?

The one in your example is made with several different sized squares, but the principle is the same. Good luck!

  • The squares are different sizes because I freehanded it to illustrate what I was looking for. I thought to rotate squares, but then couldn't remember how to copy+offset+union selections in Gimp. Would be great to have a premade macro where I could just dial in the sawtooth size, though. – Mu Mind Dec 11 '15 at 4:52

On GIMP 2.8 it was a simple matter of creating a new rectangular brush (on the brushes dialog, click on the new button) setting the rotation angle (on the tool options) and the spacing (on the brush) itself to suitable values, and draw a staright line (click on first dot, hold shift, click on destination dot).

My settings, and my result:

tool options settings for paintbrushbrush settings

final result

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