I want to edit many jpg files and use the color curves tool to adjust each image with a individual color curve.

I could not find a keyboard short cut to open the curves tool. Is there any?

How to save the image back to the same jpg file with a non-interactive keyboard short-cut?

I know that perfectionists prefer other file formats, but in this case I have many jpg files and don't need xcf (extra cool format :-))

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Gimp Keyboard Shortcuts

From the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts menu we can assign a shortcut to almost any action we want. We may have to disable an existing identical shortcut if we want to assing the same key combination. In below example I had disabled ShiftC using Backspace on selecting a new accelerator to then assign ShiftC to Curves... in the Tools section:

enter image description here

Gimp Save/Export/Overwrite

Similarly we can assign a shortcut to save our work. By default CtrlS will save a project in Gimps XCF format. In case we had edited another file format and would like to keep it we can assign Overwrite in the File section of the keyboard shortcuts to CtrlS.

Alternatively we can export an image with the default ShiftCtrlE but then we'd have to always press Enter in addition.

Working with shortcuts

By this we can achieve a quite rapid workflow in that we can open multiple files, assign shortcuts to Windows > Next Image, do or work, overwrite the original file by keyboard shortcut above, save it, and lastly CtrlW close that window/tab. As soon as we get used to this it will be a rather quick workflow.

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