I am trying desperately hard to replicate a style that my designer applied to a stock photo for one of my websites but thus far, I have had no success.

I am trying to apply the same sort of overlay as is in the following graphic:

Before and After

I have tried the following:

  • Adding a transparent rectangle on top
  • Playing around with the Hue/Saturation
  • Adding a rectangle layer on top and applying a 'Multiply' blend mode

So far, this is all I have been able to achieve (note the differences from the below graphic to the above graphic):

What I have tried

Can anyone suggest how I can achieve the same effect as was previously applied in either Photoshop or Fireworks?

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1) Use a Black & White adjustment layer.

2) Use a Photo Filter adjustment layer. I used a custom purple #6c118e. I made the intensity 95% and the opacity 98% (really just messing with the sliders)

3) Added a levels adjustment layer to brighten the image. I just moved the white point slider to the left, towards the middle.

4) Added overall saturation of 31+ to make the purples "pop".

Result (Mine is on the left).

End Result


To obtain a similar result I

  1. desaturated the image to grayscale
  2. Applied the bucket paint tool in multiply blend mode using a purple color.

    enter image description here


Late to the party as usual.

You could also simply use a gradient map adjustment layer with black and violet (as sampled from the right side of your image) for your two colors.

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