In a new layer, I selected the shape of the letter U and used a specific brush to brush in that selection in Layer 16 (in the screenshot below).

Now I can't figure out which brush I used to get this hand-drawn effect. Is there a way to identify which brush is used in Layer 16, or is it hopeless? Thank you! I spent 20 minutes Googling this to no avail.

Layer 16 has the brush I forgot

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Wouldn't think there's a specific feature for this. Your best bet would be to go back in the "History" panel (Window -» History) to see if you can bring the document back to when you were making the change.

I would suspect switching to the brush tool once reverted would give you the brush settings that were active at the time. Can't guarantee it'll work though.

Otherwise, I don't really see how that could be possible. Good luck!


Go to History section and find it, or try your best Guess for brush name and google it, Also if you are Pro try to create a new one brush for your needs.

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