So I tried to solve this problem on my own, and feel I got halfway there. Now I'm stuck.

I'm trying to convert a drawing to a digital logo (did this successfully in Illustrator already, but was upset about shading options...or lack thereof). I've started outlining my image with the pen tool, but I can't seem to add weight to it without using an ugly brush effect.

At first, I was having trouble getting the Edit > Stroke to work, as it was greyed out. Then I created a new layer via copy for just the path. Now I can select Edit > Stroke and enter a weight and color, but it won't actually change the path at all!

I'm at a loss, and after searching, I still can't find any answers. I'm experimenting on my own, but if any of you are familiar with my problem or are super smart, please help me out!

SCREENSHOT: http://imgur.com/aG2qo69

Thanks so much!

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Edit → Stroke works on selections. If you want to use that command you need to first convert your path into a selection. With the path still there click the pen tool P then on the top of your screen (default layout of course) you should see Make Selection

enter image description here

After making it into a selection it will work as you intend.

In the long run though it would be better to use the Make Shape command and then instead of using Edit → Stroke you could just use the Shapes Stroke and Fill.

In the even longer run you should go back into Illustrator if your goal is a logo and if you get stuck on shading then ask for ideas on that.

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