I created a semi-circle with the clipping feature, but it shows up as a group of two items. Like this:

Not A Path

But i just want a normal path, could i do this anyway?

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    As in @Realrawr answer, you can draw an half-circle. Else you can use the difference operation instead of clip the circle. Dec 26, 2016 at 11:07

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Heres my answer to this question from the Google+ Query on the Inscape Community:

to create that shape I'd just use the arc tool - even if you draw a circle, you can select the circle tool (F5) and select the circle and change your start and end degrees. But is the posted image just a simple example to make the point?

I guess if I was going to cut down the circle to make a half-circle (same can be done with more complex shapes) I'd select the circle and the rectangle above and chose Path -> Intersection. That cuts it to the shape I'm wanting to have left over - and leaves all the remaining points as an editable path.

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