After many years of casual use, I'm still very new to GIMP. I've somehow managed to get a boundary around my shapes. If I try to move any shape it is truncated at the boundary.

enter image description here

What is this yellow and black border? How do I reset/remove it?


The question is somehow related to How to get GIMP to unselect the initial background?.

The size of your layer is represented by the layer boundary also known as marching ants.

You can move the entire layer, and the part of the layer in the range of the canvas size of image will be visible.

If you want to alter the content of the layer beyond the size of the layer itself (e.g. as result of a transformation), you must resize the boundary of the layer (in case, to the image size).


These are layer boundaries - they limit the regions where pixels exist at the given layer. To simply not display the yellow dashed line, just untoggle view->Show Layer Boudary (this is a per image view option, edit->preferences->Image Windows->Appearance->Show Layer Boundary to set the default).

If you want to paint outside that boundary, you have to extend the layer itself, not just make the dashed line invisible. Then, just do Layer->Layer to Image Size - and it will just work.

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