I know the topic of scaling strokes in Illustrator has been answered to death and yes, I know how to do it. However, I have an outline image I did and when I resize this grouping of objects with the scale stroke and effects option checked, all but one of the lines scale properly. The singular line/object retains it's stroke and it's driving me insane. I also can't adjust the stroke of that specific line after I've resized.

Thanks for the help!


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Is it possible that the specific stroke has been "expanded" to a path and it's not a stroke anymore? (A stroke will have a guide running through its middle, while an expanded line will have contour guides following the edges of the path.) See example below, the top line is still a stroke while the bottom one has been expanded. They look the same, but you can't modify the thickness of the bottom one unless you play with the corner anchor points.

Top line is still a stroke and the bottom one has been expanded.


Your path may have and "Appearance" assigned to it that will not scale. Verify if the object is coloured with an Appearance.

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