im using Corel Draw x7 and need to use font size in pixels instead of points. Is there any way to do that? Thank you

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  • I think it is a valid question. – Rafael Jan 11 '16 at 17:30

I have searched for it a lot, and seems theres is not a way to do that. The only way i've found was write a letter in uppercase, set the height - not in the font-size - then start typing. This is not very practical - and i don't know if it will make the text-size right - so i don't think that's the only way..

I also tried to calculate the proportional point value, but it just doesnt work right.

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You can type into the text bar where you specify the text size with the pixel affix. For example Instead of typing 12pt you can type 12px and it will size the text to 12 pixels (but it will always display in pt). Its the same for any other unit of measurement. Like mm (milimeters), cm (centimeters), in or " (inches), ft or ' (feet), etc.

You can also make additions and subtractions in the transform toolbar. You could type 12px + 12px and it would automatically add those numbers as 24px. You could even add two different units like, 12mm + 15 inches and it would give you the result in the default unit your ruler is set up as.

You can do this in any box that has a size.

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