How do you key in a prime or double primes in Adobe illustrator in a textbox? I am using Wins7 system.


Regardless of any operating system, Illustrator is equipped with a "Glyphs" panel. With the textbox in edit mode, open the glyphs panel, locate the appropriate prime mark you require (double prime is usually at the beginning of the list, and prime is located after the letters) and double click on it. I use this method on a daily basis.

I just hoped that Adobe would have followed the same method as that used in InDesign – it has a shortcut.

  • It's those tiny differences between AI and InD that really grind my gears. For some reason (interoffice animosity? separate software review groups? bad communication?) the Glyphs panel in InD is superior over AI's in many (small) ways, even though there is clearly some shared code base...
    – Jongware
    Jan 27 '16 at 20:48

In Windows 7, as Paul suggested, use the Character Map to insert special characters into documents and text fields.

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Type Character Map and hit return.
  3. Select the appropriate typeface in the Character Map application.
  4. Find the special character you want
  5. Click Select and then Copy
  6. Paste in your field or document.


In OSX, with a valid text input field selected, you can launch the character viewer by pressing Control + Command+ Space bar or by selecting Emoji & Symbols from the Edit menu.

With that dialog opened, a search for Prime will display single, double, triple and quadruple prime symbols that you can click to insert.


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