I have the text and the drawings are scanned and saved.
I am looking for:

  • A nice modern font
  • Formatting software that enables me to design my book with writing and pictures
  • Editing software to work on the drawings to make them really friendly

Your best bet is to look at open source software.

  • For fonts, take a look at the excellent selection at fontsquirrel
  • For editing the illustrations, you can take a look at Krita or GIMP
  • For laying out the book, Scribus might be a good bet.
  • You mean best bet is to look for free software, changes little for the end user whether it is open source or not. I would definitely recommend Krita (except for it's history of poor vector handling) which happens to be open source, but there are good freeware programs out there as well. – Cestarian Feb 17 '16 at 0:04

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