I am working on Maths exam papers for an educational institute, I mostly do all my print related work on Corel Draw, I was thinking if there is any way of writing complex Mathematical Equation in Corel Draw X6 easily.


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For writing complex math equations in CorelDRAW I would suggest the folllowing:

Using "integrated" LaTeX for typesetting

Using LaTeX is a good way for typesetting mathematical formula and equations. A good solution to use with CorelDRAW might be to "integrate" LaTeX using VBA.

Jan Bender has done some work in VBA and is offering his CorelDRAW "add-in" for free.

The add-in will allow you to insert objects, typeset by LaTeX, into your CorelDRAW file as a group of curve objects. These curves can be formatted like any other in CorelDRAW. And last but not least, it is possible to change the formula after inserting, since its LaTeX-code is stored as object data variable.


Get the VBA files by Jan Bender from impulse-based.de (Latex for CorelDraw).


Installation and Troubleshooting

Instruction on how to install it, combined with some troubleshooting, can be found here.

Note: As this question is quite similar, the same answer can be found there as well. No I'm not plagiarizing myself... ;) It's stated here, that it's not acceptable to post the same answer on different questions. So, if requested, I would vote to delete my answer on the other question - since it's rather about importing *.ps/*.eps files to CorelDRAW, than on writing math in CorelDRAW (If it is a question at all, since there is no question mark in it). Although I believe, that this answer is helpful on both questions, even if the are not duplicates.

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