I am new here and a beginner graphic designer. I am trying to learn how to generate a pattern like below:

enter image description here

My question is:

Is there any way to do this in Adobe Illustrator?

In the image above, I am looking for learning:

  1. Randomness in a specific set of colors, or shades/tints of a color.
  2. Randomness in a specific set of angles.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Disclaimer: I don't own the image above.


I usually play around with nested Transform effects on objects to create patterns.

Effects > Distort & Transform Effects >Transforms…

Illustrator has powerful scripting tools that you can use to create random patterns and colors. There are a bunch of YouTube videos and Tutorials out there explaining how to create patterns and random colors via scripts, or download already made script which can be applied to your designs.

Here are some few links that might be of help (I know add linking to answers is discouraged but I know you will find these detailed tutorials more enlightening or google search the attached titles just in case the link is broken )

Hope this can give you a head start into a deeper reading.

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I started with creating a circle (50pt diameter) and using a few lines and the Shape Builder Tool, I broke it into 4 equal pieces:

circle broken up into 4

Then used Transform effects (Effect → Distort & Transform → Transform) to move the shape 50pt and create a bunch of copies.

Now Expanded with Object → Expand Appearance and ungrouped everything.

I now have a bunch of individual paths:

bunch of copies of that broken up circle

To get all the randomness, will require a use of various illustrator scripts, they are all available and I will try to link to them all.

Applying random color was easy enough, using the script from this answer, I just selected my group of colors and ran the script.

colors applied

In your example, there are some pies (that's what I'm gonna call them) which are not there. To apply that randomly, I used the script Random Select by André Berg.

Simply set an amount to select (I did 20%) and delete the selected objects.

after deleting some pies

Now for the rotation; in your example, everything is done in 90° increments, so I used the same random selection script (this time on 25%) and then rotated by 90°.

In order to rotate the individual paths and not the entire selection, you have to use

Right click → Transform → Transform Each Alt+Shift+Ctrl+D

I then repeated this a few times (Random Select → Transform Each → Rotate 90°)

final result

Now, with a bit of Illustrator scripting experience, you could actually create a script that rotates your paths by either 90° 180° 270°.

This would make it that you didn't need to randomly select and rotate a few times, just select all and run the script, then run again until satisfied with the outcome.

You can also use just one color and then use this random opacity script by Iaroslav Lazunov to make everything different tints of the same color (assuming that your background is white).

You can even do both for a nice effect.

enter image description here

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  • To do the tints and cut-outs, a new layer of just single quarter-section squares can be made in white color and then rotated around the bottom-right anchor point via random transform rotation effect. A pure white square will cut out the background while a square with less than 100 opacity would make the tint. – Silly-V Nov 27 '18 at 15:23

"Transform" Tool is very Practical tool you can use to create this kind of stuff.

Select/Create 3 Vectors in Illustrator, Select it, > Right Click > Transform > Transform Each ...

Into that change the scale,move properties if required and if you wanted to randomise pattern, keep clicking Random.

I would suggest to use this Tool: Random Pattern Pro Illustrator script

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