I have scanned book. Each page of the book consists of two files: one .tif file and one .frf file. (By the way, are they somehow compatible?)

If I open .tif file in viewer like Irfanview, GIMP, Paint or Advanced TIFF Editor Plus - it's displaying as black & white picture. In some editors I see this file has three layers and I think one layer contains information about colors.

My goal is to open this .tif file in color. Any ideas how to open it & merge layers? Or am I totally wrong in my assumptions? :)

enter image description here

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    If a tif file is color, then it generally opens in color. It may be due to that "trial version" designation in your screenshot. It's pretty impossible to answer this specifically without having one of these .tif files to check. – Scott Feb 1 '16 at 8:15

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