Is there any way to put multiple strokes on live text in InDesign CC that is similar to using the attributes panel in Illustrator?

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As far as i know NO.

But you could do sort of second stroke with dropshadow set to zero blur.


There is a hacky way you can achieve this.

  1. Give your text a stroke
  2. Now, select your text box and click Object > Effects > Inner Glow
    • Make sure your effect is applied to Object in the 'Settings for' drop-down menu
    • Change the 'Blending mode' to Normal
    • Select your stroke colour
    • Set 'Opacity' to 100%
    • Set 'Source' to Edge
    • Adjust the 'Size' to the desired thickness
    • Set 'Choke' to 100%

Using inner and outer glows applied to the Object and Text elements of your text box, you can add any number of different combinations of 'strokes' to your text.

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