type 8 pentagonal tiling
(source: jaapsch.net)

I'd like to create type 8 pentagonal tiling in illustrator and--if possible--Sketch 3. I first tried tracing in sketch which obviously gave imprecise results.

Is this level of precision possible in Sketch? In Illustrator?

If so, how do I handle the borders and create the shapes? Should they overlap?

Googled tiling and couldn't find anything--help would be appreciated!



You may need to use scripting to create the pattern exactly. Both Sketch and Illustrator can be controlled via scripts

You can find the formula and some sample rendering at Wolfram Alpha. If you pay for the pro subscription, you can also directly download the tiling bit of the pattern in multiple formats.

Not really a complete answer, but hopefully this'll get you in the right direction. :)

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  • Thanks Ville, I'll check it out. I'll investigate and attempt myself, but hoping someone has done it before and can provide more specifics! – borker Feb 17 '16 at 5:52

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