I have a very large document, and along the way I have made a lot of changes and new layers. I have a tons of layers and groups and I'm now sitting and organize everything manually.

Is there are fast way to clean up unused and empty layers?

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The easiest and best method would be this:

In yours Layers tab click to the Filters which says Name, in the dropdown select Attribute

Next to the filter there will be another dropdown where you need to select Empty to reveal the empty layers.

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While Alex's answer should be enough, here are some other options for layer organizing.

  • Layrs control extension - Free ( basically collection of scripts )
  • PSD cleaner - ~$20 In some respects this is a lot like a checlist that asks you to take action, but isn't necessarily fully automated.
  • Also, the fly-out menu in the Layers panel has an option to Delete hidden layers.
  • There are also more layer renaming options. Although, if you find Layrs control otherwise useful, its layer renaming script is pretty extensive.

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