My poster has a black background with text and images (font in colour white) on the top. When i save the poster only the images appear and the background has turned white, subsequently the font which was white over the top disappears. How do i save the illustrator poster with a black background? Thank you

  • Probably a layer issue? Turn on all your necesary layers?
    – Rafael
    Feb 18, 2016 at 16:38

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Don't use the Simulate Color Paper option in the preferences. Draw a black box behind everything.

Simulate color paper is to simulate the paper you are printing on... unless you are actually printing on a black substrate with white ink, don't use it. And even if you are using a black substrate (such as a black t-shirt for silkscreening) you still want the art to print positive, so you'd set it up black on white, not white on black.

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