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So whenever I use "expand compound shape" (pathfinder selected button on the bottom left on that image) Illustrator adds those random dark corner to whatever shape I have. why?


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Occasionally, after a complex Illustrator operation, my computer fails to update or "paint" the pixels correctly to my screen - and when I do a quick zoom-in / zoom-out, it refreshes and repaints the graphic correctly.

I assume you likely already ruled this out, but, worth mentioning.


I've had the same issue – sometimes I find it happens when I'm working on something at a very small scale. If I scale the object up substantially then perform the Pathfinder effect, it renders perfectly. Worth a shot.

  • Pathfinder has a precision option, I'm assuming it is because of that
    – Cai
    Apr 22, 2016 at 7:02

Could you please upload an image of the actual paths? You can get the path view (onion) by pressing Cmd+Y (or Ctrl+Y in Windoze). That will help a lot to understand what's happening ;)

Also, have you tried just to convert strokes to outlines through "Flatten transparency"? I get some errors when I use expand with compound objects time to time, even though logic says it is the same (and the very same module used for expand), don't ask me why xD enter image description here

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